Northwest Medical Massage

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 Experience a positive, professional healing environment

with treatment plans tailored to you, 

so you can return to a more balanced, healthy, & relaxed state.

NWMM opened in Post Falls in early 2017 with the focus being on rehabilitative massage, stress management & pain-relief. We have seen success treating conditions such as shoulder pain, post-operative rehab, anxiety, whiplash, Fibromyalgia, TMJ Dysfuntion, chronic pain, arthritis, sports injuries, tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome & more. 

Enjoy spa-like amenities in a laid-back atmosphere. Take comfort in knowing it is a SAFE place, free of judgment & LBGT friendly. Whether you are a massage newbie or make therapeutic massage a part of your healthcare routine, you can feel comfortable here knowing special care will be taken to meet your wellness goals.

We also carry a small line of self-care products that we love to enhance your treatments and use in-between sessions at home. We hope you will love them too!

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