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Signature Session

Massage therapy tailored to your needs. Sessions may incorporate aromatherapy and/or ointments, active release & resistance techniques, fascia restoration, & gentle range of motion assessment.

Classic Relaxation Massage will ease your stress & allow you to slip into a state of zen. The smooth, gliding strokes uses firm but gentle pressure to ease muscle tension, calm the mind & create other health benefits. Safe & gentle healing for seniors, children, palliative care conditions (such as cancer, Parkinson’s, Diabetes & Fibromyalgia) & those who prefer a lighter touch.

Release & Restore is a deeper, rehabilitative approach that is popular for chronic pain, poor posture, stress relief, soft tissue injuries, & muscle spasms.  It helps to improve range of motion & heal injuries over time.

30 min. $40 | 60 min. $65 | 90 min. $90

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