What NWMM clients are saying

I love feedback… let me know how I can improve, what made your massage session special, and how you feel after. The best compliments I could receive is a referral to your family and friends and a review!

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Oh my! It was amazing! I don’t enough words to explain what a great experience I had. From greeting to departure, I was comfortable and we’ll taken care of. She makes you feel like you’ve know each other forever. First time cupping and it was wonderful. Massage was the best I’ve ever had and she takes the time to really help you. Like I said, I don’t have the words, it was just amazing and I’ll refer everyone I can!     ~AW

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Simply the best!! Someone who truly cares to help you and get you feeling great. Who also has the knowledge and skills to do just that. Definitely a passion of hers, not just a job.     ~JM



I have a sensitivity to flower smells; Misty remembered and customized her scent defuser to accommodate me. I actually walked away feeling refreshed and I didn’t get the day after pain a regular massage always seems to create. There is a 100% difference between a regular massage and one with a massage therapist.     ~CB