Be a Part of Something Bigger!

Exciting News!!!!!

NWMM’s Therapist Development Program is now underway

Aubrey Gass is a fantastic Licensed Massage Therapist who has decided to accept the challenge of taking her hands-on clinical massage skills to the next level while also gaining in depth knowledge of how to grow, market, & sustain a successful massage practice! As she has been working hard to develop her own niche and has been a wonderful addition to the clinic!

By booking an Intern Massage, you are helping to shape the future of Massage Therapy on a local level. Periodically, I will be asking for special requests to teach a particular technique. (Ex: someone needed with surgical scar tissue for a 30 min session, or pregnant client needed for 80 min. session). This is a GREAT way to help improve the quality of therapists in our area & also get an inexpensive therapeutic massage from a licensed therapist. Your feedback allows us to understand what is important to you as a client. We use it to shape our treatments and modify our techniques for your benefit!

To book your appointment with Aubrey, you can call, text, or click here

Hi, My name is Aubrey and I am a graduate of American Institute of Clinical Massage in Post Falls, Idaho. I decided to have a career in Massage because I wanted to give back to people and help those who need it! I love giving massage and all its benefits and I love people leaving happy! I am really interested in providing relaxation for my clients. In today’s busy and hectic world I believe feeling relaxed and rested is underestimated. I am also pursuing being specialized in acupressure and myofacial release techniques, and I do incorporate these into regular massage.

She is available on Saturdays. During the Level 2 Internship sessions massage prices for her are as follows:41-IMG_0066
30 min. $35
60 min. $55
90 min. $75

All clients will fill out a post-session feedback form and the session may or may not have me supervising the session in order to teach modified or new techniques.

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