Misty Lake LMT, AMMP, CCT

Proprietress Northwest Medical Massage LLC  
Founder Herb n' Oil

I was searching for a career that would combine my passion for helping others with an alternative approach to pain relief after seeing my Mom struggle for years with Fibromyalgia & the side effects caused by medications. Finally a progressive doctor suggested she receive therapeutic massage for pain relief and it inspired me to learn more! My desire to explore the Alternative Health field did not end when I graduated from massage school in 2003. Post-graduation I was blessed to work in a variety of settings, both clinical and Spa as well as Destination Resorts, in casinos poker rooms, at sporting events, and even Lakeside/Dockside at private luxury residences. All the while I expanded my education by attending hands-on workshops, lectures, and learning from world-renowned experts in their given fields. Some of my favorite post-graduate courses taken include:

  • Cupping Therapy
  • Advanced Medical Massage
  • Sports Massage for Golfers
  • Caring for Clients with Cancer
  • Intraoral Massage

…and many more!

Over the years, I have had the privilege of helping (Gold Medal) Olympic athletes rehab injuries, musicians release repetitive strain patterns, babies who are constipated, tech industry visionaries relieve stress, mammas-to-be with back pain, cancer survivors cope with anxiety, and Veterans manage chronic pain and she is looking forward to helping you too!

     “I enjoy getting to know my clients so I can customize a treatment plan based on their therapeutic needs. Most clients see me for addressing pain relief, increasing mobility, and reducing stress & anxiety. I can help you to retrain your mind & body to release the tension in injured, overused, and tired muscles. I have learned so much by just seeing (and feeling) how uniquely each of us are created and how amazing our bodies are at healing themselves if given the proper care. It has become my mission to help make massage therapy more accessible & educate the general public about the benefits of massage, while also training/coaching fellow therapists on ways they can provide effective massages and be successful in this industry without getting burnt out.”

On a personal note, Misty was born in Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho and raised in the Garwood area. As a North Idaho Native, she enjoys the great outdoors including hiking, fishing, golfing, skiing, playing on the lake & gardening. She is married to her high school sweetheart and they are blessed with 2 beautiful children & Ranger the rescue pup.